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13 May 2014 09:07 #1109395177 by centaur
An Internet Finding was created by centaur
Hi all

Searching the Internet I found a nice story with a photo: "How We Met: Nathaniel Parker & Sadie Jones" by Adam Jacques from 4.5.2014. Unfortunately I`m such inexpert with the computer and can`t make the link for you to see it here. Maybe someone could help?!

Another story: "Nathaniel Parker/Pathways to Shakespeare/RSC" which I also found is a bit older, 11.3.2014, so all of you have probably allready seen this.


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13 May 2014 16:15 - 13 May 2014 16:16 #1109395178 by webmistress
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Hi Marja,

thanks for your hints. :kiss: Both articles are up on this site. Try the Newly Added / It's New view under News while you're logged in and you'll always find the latest things... but please do tell us if you feel that something is missing or about stuff you find on the net. :woohoo:



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