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17 Nov 2005 15:05 #1109378789 by womble
Haunted Mansion was created by womble
:laugh: Well now, has anybody actually noticed that in the cemetary scene were young Michael standing in front of the mausoleum all scared of the spiders on the door, & we have a shot of it with the two veiled figures flanking it, they BOTH hold their torches still lit, :blink: but, it should rather be only the left one, since Jim took the torch from the right one going inside!!? :woohoo: Just like it is correct again, when he escapes with Megan & only the left one is holding his burning torch!:dry: :dry: Oops bad blooper there or is it? Apart from that, I think it's a real crime that so many of Gracey's scenes were cut & comprised into the title sequence, instead of leaving them whole in the middle when he explains matters to Sarah - just like the proposed fight between him & nasty Ramsley, & all we got was an if splendid but silly CGI 'divine dragon intervention' really, that would have been really cool, a duel between them two ghosts!:evil: But, the DVD bonus outakes are really funny!:lol: All in all, the film is too short, has holes, does not concentrate on the Gracey Legacy, & I find Eddy (Myrphy that is) rather annoying - it looks superb the sets are splendid & I just love that magnificent library,:P but the original Haunted Mansion (ride) at Disneyland, is so much better really! Shame.:(
In addition, that huge portrait in the library yeah, of supposedly Edward Gracey, why didn't we get a close-up of it, looks cool enough, but perhaps it's just 'someone', rather than Nate himself especially painted for it ?
:dry: I'd really like to know that!:P Anybody got an idea?;)

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18 Nov 2005 18:30 #1109378793 by Lynley1962
Replied by Lynley1962 on topic Re:Haunted Mansion
I did see the film a few times but I never noticed it. I think they could have done so much better with this film. I know that I was disappointed when I saw it. The only good thing in it was Nathaniel. I did wrote some fanfic on how I thinkthe opening should have been. I have to finish it but people tell me that it's better as what they saw in the film.

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14 Mar 2006 12:03 #1109379127 by ms_feder
Replied by ms_feder on topic Re:Haunted Mansion
On the last weekend I saw "hautend mansion". And I must say I was really dissapointed. Nat was the only good thing on it. Eddie Murphy is no actor for those roles. He should play the never ending talking cop Axel Foley.....:whistle: :whistle:

But anyway, there was one thing that makes me laugh. The outtakes reel!!!! :laugh: :laugh:

I didn´t know that they cut some scenes with Nat. That´s not fine!!!!! So, at the end, disney has made better movies than "the haunted mansion"!! Sorry, I must say that.

Nat looked great, but that makes the movie not better!:evil: :evil:

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14 Mar 2006 12:19 #1109379128 by gamerchick02
Replied by gamerchick02 on topic Re:Haunted Mansion
I was thinking about watching this movie, but with what everybody says, I'm hesitant to go out and get it.

I'm not a fan of Eddie Murphy. I might just rent it and fast forward to the parts with Nat in them! :)

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14 Oct 2006 10:28 #1109379930 by Auriga
Replied by Auriga on topic Re:Haunted Mansion
In New Orleans, since the city is below sea level, they dont bury their dead. They're placed in coffins above ground and big concrete or marble slabs are placed over the coffins to weight them. Edward Gracy's back yard full of gravestones lacked the slabs.

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14 Oct 2007 02:52 #1109382743 by MINA
Replied by MINA on topic Re:Haunted Mansion
Eu assisti "The Haunted Mansion" (Mansão Mal-Assombrada) há pouco tempo (the first time that I saw Nat...) e para falar a verdade, achei que o Eddie Murphy ,que é um ótimo comediante, realmente não tem como acompanhar o imenso talento do Nat!!!! :S Nathaniel é muito superior em termos de talento, ao Murphy. Não sei por que Master Gracey teve tão poucas cenas no filme! Se bem que para mim poderiam cortar todo o resto do elenco e deixar só o Nat em cena...OMG!!! :evil:

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