IL5/2 One Guilty Deed

27 Jul 2006 20:50 #1109379649 by sweetlittlepixie
IL5/2 One Guilty Deed was created by sweetlittlepixie
Tommy's wedding ring seems to have a life all its own.. In one shot early on, as he's driving with his hands on the wheel (obviously!), the wedding ring is on his *middle* finger, then moments later it's on the wedding ring finger..

Much later on the ring is back on the middle finger, and in the very next shot, it's moved across to his wedding ring finger once more..

And Tommy being who he is must be able to pull many strings, but having two door panels re-sprayed after they were keyed (down to the bare metal) while he slept, leaving no trace whatsoever, is most impressive.. :evil:

Strong magic methinks... :whistle:

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  • honey
31 Aug 2006 18:51 #1109379725 by honey
Replied by honey on topic Re:IL5/2 One Guilty Deed
I've noticed the same thing...mainly with the ring..I'll have to go back and see about the car. It's so noticeable the ring being on his middle finger while driving and then it appears on his wedding ring fingers..and then back again on his middle finger only to go back on his wedding ring finger. Major of television I guess. :S


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01 Sep 2006 18:29 #1109379726 by annchristin
Replied by annchristin on topic Re:IL5/2 One Guilty Deed


About the ring... I supposed the ring is recvisita so it isn't real gold, maybe just goldplated silverring.

I myself is allergic against nickel, and if I get a ring like that, I just can't wear it a long time before it tickle in the finger.

Who know, maybe Nat is allergic too..?


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10 Oct 2006 15:57 #1109379855 by Wolfself
Replied by Wolfself on topic Re:IL5/2 One Guilty Deed
Cool, I want a ring like that.... no I don't.

I think Ann-Christin is right, the ring might be only crap and Nats skin doesn't like it?

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