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Ask questions, share your knowledge, and help us get the story right - If you are aware of a factual error in a story, want to share facts or background information you know about the story, or think there are issues we should follow up on - hurry up: start posting!

Here's a short-list of things we dislike

  • Swooning in a disrespectful way.
  • Postings like "I want to meet you" or messages that tend to have a "private" (like endlessly repeated "I love you" postings).
  • Messages that are aimed to make contact with Nathaniel Parker via the forum or trying make him post more.
  • Any information that could possibly violate the privacy or the public image of Nathaniel Parker.
  • Positively all postings that bear the risk of copyright infringement acts (like illegal copying or reproducing copyrighted material) will be deleted without any further notice.
  • And we hate trolls!

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