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Sue Johnson: UP ON THE ROOF

Is this film going to be released to all cinemas nationwide? How can we see it? There are so  many ways nowadays of seeing new and old films and TV shows it is quite bewildering! frown Judging by the reviews you and Deborah Findlay come out of it very well. Critics wish you had a bigger part in it too!!!! 

Monday, 29 May 2023
Sue Johnson: Oscar Ball

How did it go?   Could we be privileged with a clip? Lots of best wishes coming your way for the determination to achieve your very ambitious aim in 2024. Please don't forget that you are a SUPERB actor and we want to see more of you and hear that voice again! Sue

Monday, 22 May 2023




A shipment by DPD, consisting of 3 boxes, N° 0408 3121 789 855 D was delivered and received by Scarlet on Friday 12 May 2023.
and an envelope shipment by UPS No. 1Z045BPT6820390427 delivered on 9 May and handed in at reception containing your Anniversary card.
Delivered to your Name at the following address :


Nathaniel PARKER / Simon BERESFORD, Agent / phone 20 7292 0554


c/o 42 Management & Production


Palladium House, 7th Floor, 1 – 4 Argyll Street - London – W1F 7TA – United Kingdom


Happiness is sometimes hidden in the unknown. . . in the unexpected . . .  Avec toute mon Affection. Ev.

Saturday, 20 May 2023


HEUREUX ANNIVERSAIRE, Nathaniel. Life is but a series of beginnings, indefinite in Time, Nathaniel, the Time you pass through with elegance defines your importance, year after year. You are at the hands of time, you are, Nathaniel, Amour, Paix. Your Heart stay always the same.  In echo to your words on your exciting dreams about your projects, I entrust you to these words,
Nathaniel, the Dream is the true Victory over Time.
May Life surround you with its care...


I wish you a great OSCAR Ball performance in Master of Ceremonies, with the talent, the heart that I know you. A beautiful Presence ... and success for the donations. Avec toute mon Affection, l’A. que je vous porte. Ev. Paris, Jeudi 18 Mai 2023 / DeepL.Transl.


Saturday, 20 May 2023
Judy Czubati: TV

Sad to say that I am coming to the end of hanging out with Tommy and Barbara.  Enjoying it so much and wish there were endless numbers of episodes.  

Thursday, 18 May 2023

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