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Sue Johnson: Reply to Questions

I have long been a follower of Lynley.  During lockdown and all last year it was a way of enjoying GOOD detective drama on TV and on DVDs.  A massive thank you to you and Sharon Small for that!!!

I started to follow you on this website and realised that you are one of the remainers out there who are rational and are still, like me, reflecting on the effect the 2019 general election and BREXIT will have on us, the UK.  Sharon Small is also rationally putting BREXIT in perspective on her Twitter account. 

I re-read your father's autobiography and understood perfectly his political stance.  Being a founder member of the SDP this is significant.  Where has the tolerance gone?  Why can we not discuss rationally anymore?  The fact is that  social media allows EVERYONE to believe that their own view is CORRECT and people do not discuss any more.  Apparently we are , as humans, more likely to respond to an authoritarian system than a democratic one.  Only the developed countries were up to discussion of their system.  Now every person has a view which a lot think is correct and cannot tolerate others.  Backward step!!!  I once remember listening to Gordon Brown in Cumbernauld in the early 70's. He has the clarity of thinking which is demanded to tolerate others but see the overview AND suggest ways of solving problems e.g. climate change.  Worked in 2008 ( which people have conveniently forgotten).  

What I wanted to say is that you should keep up the good work of trying to be rational in these times of polarisation.  

Good luck with Henry VIII  - and everything else that you do.  How about "Prime of Miss Jean Brodie"  with Sharon Small?


Saturday, 07 August 2021
Fiona Richards: Friend of Nathaniel Parker’s father

My husband and I have been watching Inspector Lynley mysteries from series one during lockdown and think they are excellent particularly the rapport between Lynley and Havers. Have to admit we got slightly confused with the various Helens (his wife) in different series, were they different wives who happened to be called Helen or just different actors playing the part? I Googled it to find it was the latter played by different actresses. I also looked at Nathaniel Parker’s biography and you/he may be interested to know that my parents Hamish & Grace Stewart were good friends/associates of his and his wife Jill, when he was Chairman of British Rail.

Thursday, 17 June 2021
Carol Gaston: Detective Linley Mysteries

Just a thank you for all the enjoyment I have received watching (reruns now) of your Linley series. You and Sharon Small were awesome together.  The show was so realistic.


Colleyville, Tx 


Sunday, 30 May 2021
Campbell : Inspector Linley

 Dear Nathaniel, as my daughters bought me a subscription to Britbox I never saw much television until now!  Have been off work for months and months on chemo, with 2 major rare diseases one being Cancer I don’t know what’s worse of the two? Seeing a feast of detective shows and running out of Sherlock Holmes, one of my daughters said watch Inspector Linley! Well I have become an addict to your series and New Tricks and Morse where I saw a youthful you cast as a cricketer from Hong Kong who smuggled drugs! I watch all British even Minder on you tube, your shows were special and I would hope they get you and the long suffering Havers,not Nigel, I like him too, Burke and Wills, your Watson back? Oh yes, I forgot Line Of Duty too, is popular, but, yours was great!

Thursday, 20 May 2021
19Glenwood: Birthday greet

Not often you get to be on prime UK TV on your BIRTHDAY.

Have a good one!!!  


Tuesday, 18 May 2021

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