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heather kemp: brexit

thank you so much for your messages, can't believe how many years you have sent them. man in a million!

i feel your frustration over Brexit, but i believe that Corbyn, like you, voted to remain. The one thing that people see is how the European parliament have treated our Head of State, with complete indifference to the point of being rude, i'm no fan of Mrs may, but she has been treated very bad. we are a laughing stock,. I did vote to leave, and i believe that a second referendum would have the same result, so it would be back to square one. 

However nat, whatever happens we will still be europeans, and you will still be a very caring and talented person. i think this year will be amazing for you, whether acting or producing, or hopefully both.

kind regards  heatherx


Thursday, 17 January 2019
Kitty Bufka: Sir.

I just wanted to thank you. So many programs, so many episodes, so many movies that made me smile, think, laugh and kept me company on rainy evenings, suffering with a stuffy nose in the afternoon, and the introduction to my kid's to mysteries solved by Inspector Lynley fostering reading and critical thinking, or in Malice, turning the traditional Alice tale on it's ear showing new ways of seeing what has been seen a thousand times. 

So, thank you. Thank you for all you do for the arts, for literature and for bringing characters to life. Yours is a rare gift and choosing to share it makes you a hero for those that may never have the chance to read, or know, characters in new ways and let them think new thoughts.

Just, thank you. Happy new year.

Saturday, 05 January 2019


If there are words, for you Nathaniel, they are my wishes, that they are be written on one the most beautiful pages of your Life,

a lot of joy and emotions, success, pride and recognition in your work, projects to develop, beautiful surprises, some nice encounters, Your Happiness !

Keep your good mood, your radiant smile that make you an endearing Man

Love - Happiness - Success - Health.  The Year 2019 will be yours. Happy New Year to your Family.

May my wishes accompany you throughout this New Year and be for you, Nathaniel, my promise !

I think of you, I give you all my Affection

Evelyne / France  1er Janvier 2019


S'il est des mots, pour vous Nathaniel, ce sont mes Voeux, qu'ils soient écrits sur l'une des plus belles pages de votre Vie

beaucoup de joie et d'émotions, de réussite, de fierté et de reconnaissance dans votre travail, de projets à développer, de belles surprises, de belles rencontres, votre Bonheur !

Gardez votre bonne humeur, votre sourire rayonnant qui font de vous un Homme attachant

Amour - Bonheur - Réussite - Santé   L'année 2019 sera la Vôtre. Bonne et Heureuse Année à votre Famille.

Que mes souhaits vous accompagnent tout au long de cette Nouvelle Année et soient pour vous, Nathaniel, ma promesse !

Je pense à vous, je vous donne toute mon Affection


France, 1er Janvier 2019






Tuesday, 01 January 2019
Rachel Martin: Car Park Encounter North Devon

Hi Nathaniel

Thank you for being so charming to us two old biddies in the car park in Bideford just now. You were remarkably tolerant and sanguine about something that must happen to you all the time! Hope you’re well. X

Tuesday, 11 December 2018


En plus d'être un très bon Artiste, théâtre, cinéma, TV, reconnu, je voudrais mettre en valeur votre talent de Narrateur.

Lire est un plaisir, mais vous écouter à travers vos récits procure une émotion particulière, "une mise en scène des mots" par lesquels votre voix chaude et agréable me touche et me transporte, Nathaniel, vous donnez vie aux Livres  !

Nous avons en vous un Ambassadeur de la Culture, un Messager du Temps !

Merci pour votre noble Travail.

Je pense à vous, avec toute mon Affection

Evelyne / France                                                            Samedi 20 Octobre 2018


Saturday, 20 October 2018

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