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Julie Thomas: Audio work


I am an author with four books published by HarperCollins, I write Historical fiction (one WW2 trilogy) and Crime ( one black funny one called Blood, Wine and Chocolate). I am a long term Elizabeth George fan, my first editor at Harpers New York was an old editor of hers, Carolyn Marino. I ADORE audio books and listen to them for research and for pure pleasure. Your accents and expression and timing are absolutely superb. As they say "I could listen to you read the phonebook."

In this unprecedented time could you read some extra stuff, film it and put it up on You Tube? Looking at you reading would be an extra bonus! I have a character who is the Duke of Lochmorland and he is surprisingly like Lynley. You'd love him...anyway,  my agent is investigating you reading my books. In the meantime, start a You Tube channel and read to amuse, distract, comfort and engage us. You would be doing a public service. (loved Injustice, it was superb writing and acting and directing). I hope you and your family are safe and well, and so many thanks for the hard work that has driven projects and given us the joy of your talent. This too will pass. The Arts will sustain the world and give it the hope to reshape itself as a better place. Cheers. Julie Thomas (Cambridge, New Zealand - isolated spot at the bottom of the world, quite an advantage right now!)  

Friday, 03 April 2020
Joanna: inspector Lumley

hi Nathaniel

I was wondering do u think that came back on tv  as inspector Lynley would u be Lynley. and  did u like it.

love Joanna 

Monday, 17 February 2020
Cecile: Nat in France

Bonjour! I am French and i have quite recently discovered Nat Parker's existence through the Linley series which is on at the moment on French TV. I had read all the books by Elisabeth George  so I would have watched the series from the beginning if they hadn't called it Meurtres à l'Anglaise in French ! ! How stupid! I already loved the characters in the books  but now I am an addict to the series...As i wanted to know more about Nat I found out what a wonderful actor and person he was.! And full of life and generosity too! I have so many movies to watch,so many audio books to listen to.! I wish I had seen him on stage too. I have been to London so often to visit my friends! I am really frustrated.And NOW he says he will be in France for the New Ridley Scott film in Dordogne! As i live nearby i may have a glimpse of him. If not....well i am very happy to know he is here....Thank you for sharing Nat's life with us. Really appreciate it.?

Sunday, 16 February 2020
sue: Leaving EU

You have kept me sane throughout the last 4 years.  Endlessly watching Lynley helps you forget the total disaster Cameron created for us .  Different political era too! Couldn't agree more with your assessment of the situation but then was former SDP member like your Dad.  Now we are finally leaving you will have to produce some more really super series for BBC so  that will not descend into depression again as enormity of disaster impinges.  Take care and good luck with 2020 ventures.

Friday, 31 January 2020
Beverley Dubedat: Linley

Bonjour/ Hello ! I have the pleasure of rewatching the  wonderful Linley series , in English! They are showing on the French channel C8 at present( I'm British living in France).when is the come back of the dynamic duo Tommy & Havers?!! Love the acting style of both actors.

Did catch a real glimpse of Nat in a chemist in Tetbury a couple of years ago!! 

What is your next tv project? Love all series set in glorious English country side! 

Keep up the excellent work !

All the best


Monday, 27 January 2020

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