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Leanne Summers: Subway senorita

Hello Nathaniel,

I´ve been meaning to get in touch since we spoke on the subway in NYC a few weeks ago and I see today is your birthday, apt timing! Happy birthday! I apologise for my ignorance, as when we met I didn´t know you were famous (I rarely watch TV), but since I´ve returned to the UK, I´ve seen you in 'The Inspector Lynley Mysteries,' and the wiser members of my family (mum and gran) know you laughing. Congratulations on your very successful career! 


I had very little time in NYC, so I didn´t make it to the Wolf Hall productions, sadly but I trust it´s going well.

I wanted to speak more of my cousin, Laura Sadler, but timing was against us as you had to alight. You said you know people who knew her. I know actors are very busy people, but if you do get a moment, could you please put me in touch with some just to share a few stories. It will be the 12th year anniversary next month. She was such a beautiful soul, she´ll never be forgotten.

May peace be with you and your family, 


Monday, 18 May 2015
helene kenny: Tony

Wow...congrats on the Tony nom....how wonderful

Tuesday, 28 April 2015
Emily Wentworth: Wolf Hall in NYC

I had the pleasure of seeing both "Wolf Hall" plays in NYC on Sun. Apr. 12 and delighted to meet Hillary Mantel, who signed my poster. I am a descendant of Jane Seymour's family (her mother was a "Wentworth")! The plays were outstanding-- and I only caught on later that Mr. Parker was the actor who played Insp. Lynley. Duh. Thank you to all the RSC troupe for your hard work. Please don't dumb anything down for American audiences! We can take it-- and many of us do know our British history. Bonne continuation.

Sunday, 26 April 2015
martin burch: inspector lynley series 5

Just viewed inspector lynley series 5 (dvd) still popular here in australia great acting, storyline and production. The bbc need to reactivate the series with an outback setting! Very best wishes and thanks for some superb acting over the years with not one poor performance.  Martin (brisbane)

Thursday, 09 April 2015
Allie Kenney: Wolf Hall on Broadway

Saw Wolf Hall Part 1 tonight (2 April) and thought it was terrific. See Part 2 tomorrow night and can't wait. Got tickets for this play because two of my favorite English actors are in it. Hadn't read the book and was hoping for some sort of historical notes in Playbill, but no such luck, so worried I might have trouble with the play. But that did not happen and I enjoyed every minute -- one of the best things I've seen on Broadway in quite some while. Now will have to read the books.

Friday, 03 April 2015

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