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This is a really fab website. It is so great to see a site that is for all the Nathaniel fans out there. :grin

Tuesday, 19 July 2005
Beth R
I was really pleased to find your website. I've enjoyed watching Inspector Lynley and was curious about Nathaniel. As an aside, I'm an ex-Disneyland cast member who worked the Haunted Mansion for years - I can't get over the fact that one of the few things I enjoyed about the cheeseball movie cribbed from our ride is the same man I enjoy watching on PBS. I had no idea until just now that it was the same actor... Great site!

Tuesday, 19 July 2005
Margit Christ

I'm a faithful fan of Nathaniel Parker and now I've found your webpage, congratulations it's a marvellous site. Especially Nat's gallery is absolutely brilliant. Can anybody help me? I'm looking for "Wide Sargasso Sea" in DVD format. But my DVD player can only use region code 2 (Europe). Till now I've only found DVD's in region code 1 (USA). Who knows where I can get DVD format region code 2?

Thanks for your help

Gitti :)
Unfortunately Wide Sargasso Sea is not out on DVD in Europe, so no region 2 DVDs. :sigh What you can do though is turn your DVD player to regionfree... please email me and I shall try to help you out. webmistress :)

Friday, 15 July 2005
Pamela Custer
The first time I had ever saw Nathaniel Parker was on the Inspector Lynley series on Mystery! I thought he was wonderful in the series and extremely handsome. I would love to see him starring in more mini-series on PBS or other stations. :grin

Sunday, 10 July 2005
Rodney M Brown
Great fan web site, for a great actor. I Recently saw Parker in Thackery's "Vanity Fair", "Very Impressive". Like to see him in a remake of the D H Lawrence, "Women in Love".

Saturday, 09 July 2005

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