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I think Nathaniel Parker would be a *perfect* James Bond 007. Anyone else think so? :)

Tuesday, 21 June 2005
This is a very good website. I first saw this dreamboat in Haunted Mansion and I fell in love! I am glad there are so many pictures of this handsome and talented man! :)

Sunday, 19 June 2005
Angela Cowie
Great website, nice to be able to keep up todate with any news on latest projects etc.

As always enjoyed the last series of Lynely, hoping series 3 & 4 get released on DVD in the future.

One of the best detective dramas on the box, well written, well acted by both leading actors, liking the humour between the characters !!

Looking forward to Series 5 and the airing of Bleak House.

Take care


Wednesday, 15 June 2005
Lesley Bush
I am your must avid fan, I can't get enough of the Inspector Lynley Mysteries. I've watched all of the Series 1 & 2 about 20 times each so far, I think the chemistry between lynley and havers is dynamite!
I cannot wait for the next series to come out on DVD just so I can Drool over Nat, who I think is just brilliant.
Not only are you extremley good looking but are an incrediable actor. Looking forward also to next year when you return to the T.V. screens as Thomas Lynley, keep up the good work.

Tuesday, 14 June 2005
Jan Reeves
Hi Nat,would just like to say that I have been an avid admirer of your work for quite a few years now, but my favourite characterisation is still Gabriel Oak, I must admit that I fell totally in love with you/him. Look forward to the new series of Inspector Lynley,and I wish you well in all that you do in future. Love Jan.x :p

Monday, 30 May 2005

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