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Hi, Only just found this site, it's fantastic. I've been a fan of Nats for years, I'm a big theatre lover and I've seen him on stage, he was always terrific. I think he's gorgeous and I adore Inspector Lynley I love the relationship between Havers and the boss. They really 'care' for each other. The other reason I like him so much is that I own 5 horses and Nat's obsession is horses. I've seen him a number of times at Burghley, Badminton Horse Trials, plus he sometimes goes to the Polo where I've seen him a few times, believe me he's better in the flesh. Great site. Annie. :grin

Edit: Hi Guys Just read back what I wrote earlier and it sounded awful. What I meant to say was that Nat was EVEN BETTER in the flesh! Drop dead gorgeous would be more accurate! I got quite close to that lovely voice and was mesmorised - although sad to say he wasn't talking to me - sob sob.

Hi Annie,

I copied this message to our forum, because there have been answers to your entry which actually don't belong here in the guestbook section. Hope to welcoming you to our forum quite soon. ;)

Tuesday, 08 June 2004
Nathaniel is one of the most talented actors I have ever seen! He is the total package! Very gorgeous!

Sunday, 06 June 2004
My boyfriend (ex) looks like him...hehe. :grin
Lucky you! :grin

Thursday, 27 May 2004
Gisele Brieann Robbi
I have a question? Does Nathaniel Parker talk online with his fans? Happy Birthday Nate!!!!!!! My Birthday just passed, it was May 3rd. I love the role he played in the "Haunted Mansion".
Hi Gisele, Thanks for your entry to the guestbook and Happy Birthday, although it's a bit belated! :p We do have a technical solution to put up an online chat, but since this is non-official fansite (please read in the FAQs), we don't have contact to Mr. Parker. This is why I cannot offer what every fan is dreaming of. :grin Webmistress

Tuesday, 18 May 2004
i like the inspector lynley murders
its interesting

Saturday, 15 May 2004

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