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Hey. You guys have one of the best sites dedicated to Nathaniel Parker that i have ever seen! The information is great and the pictures are wonderful also! Its true that I'm a little young to like Nathaniel but who couldn't resist his beautiful brown hair or his smiling brown eyes or his heart warmisng smile itself? He is a wonderful actor and a beautiful person. Now who could deny that?

Tuesday, 07 September 2004
I think there are more people who are under 35 who think he's very talented (and gorgeous). I'm 17 and I really do think he is! :roll
Too bad they don't broadcast lot's of his movies in the netherlands... :cry

Friday, 03 September 2004
I have just recently become a fan of Nat's and I think he is HOT!! I have been researching him in other movies, but no matter what anyone else says I really liked The Haunted Mansion movie and I think he made the movie for me anyways!! Is the web mistress from England and is Nat Parker really considered a big star over there? He really should be in more American films! By the way great site!!! :)
Hi Tammi, Thanks for your entry to the guestbook. I am from Germany actually. Please feel free to register, we can discuss things there...

Friday, 06 August 2004
Hi all...
I'm from Denmark and I'm 13 years old!
I love the Inspector Lynley mysteries and very much Sharon Small, playing Barbara Havers!! :grin
My english is not so god, but I hope you all, can understand it!!! :)

Tuesday, 20 July 2004
:) No-one on this site seems to have mentioned Nat's appropriateness for the role of James Bond. He's perfect, if dear old Pierce Brosnan would just move over and let Nat in before he does get a bit too old, His 'Britishness' and lovely looks make him the ideal choice. If you agree with me why not contact the 'absolutley James bond' site. I did !
Well Natalia, we did in fact discuss that one on this site, for example in that bit on "Dangerous Games/Gefährliche Spiele". And naturally he has the looks for Bond, James Bond. But not all fans are all that keen on getting to see him as Bond, actually. But as it is there are some who love the idea others who don't.... If you'd like to discuss this topic you might as well do that in our forum - I think you are already registered, so let's start talking if you are interested in the view of Nat's fans.

Monday, 12 July 2004

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