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Natural Causes

The first new episode of IL 5 - what do you think?


A new Helen - Do you like her?






An A+






Absolutely. Only it was very different from the Helen we used to know. From whining to shining.






Oh! Absolutely. Catherine Russell is so much more like the book-Helen. Although the change in her character is really weird, I like it. I've never actually liked the TV-Helen before, but now I do.






yeah I like her better than the old one






very unreal, 3 different persons






Yes. she is warm and friendly, with humour and tenderness






Improvement on the old Helen












So far so good!












Much more like Helen should have been played






Yes, I'm sorry for Lesley V. but I like the new Mrs Lynley more






An improvement on the old Helen, but still prefer original Helen






Do like the new Helen. Wish she had been cast instead of L.V. Much more likeable.












No, preferred Emma Fielding but present Helen an improvement on last Helen.












I can't say if I like this Helen or not… she is nicer to Lynley then the other Helen but yet it just doesn't seem the same… to much of a chance in her ways. I can't say... not sure if I like this Helen.






not very much












Better than LV who was not credible at all. Prefer first Helen.






Not much












Yes, more how I imagined her to be






Better than the last, but she's no Barbara Havers






Seems a strong secure sort of personality - this Helen would have coped stoically with the events of previous series. She seems strong enough to support Lynley through any wobblies too. Perhaps it will work well with Lynley taking second place to her.


Had no chance to watch it!






Are you mad. Of course I watch it.






Thank goodness am not travelling on holiday till mid-August. Of course I watched it! No thanks to the BBC though.






Had no chance to watch it












Watched and recorded!






Of course I watched it!






as far as I know


Helen and Lynley - a credible reunification?






I have no idea why she came back, but they seem to have a good chance.












No, not really. They weren't talking and now they're back together? Makes me laugh.






i think so






was not needed






I'm the romantic type, I hope and believe. Tommy said "how much I missed your love..."this is different in opposite to miss a person, that gives hope!


















Bit dodgy but good to see at last!


















No, not really. It just happened rather than there being a build-up.






Not really. They left not speaking for a year and then he's kissing her.












Funny how when the last episode ended Helen and Tommy weren't talking and now with this new series… they seem like nothing ever happened between them. As if they were never fighting... kiss and make up.












Hell no! Dump Helen and progress things with Havers.






No, very far fetched, people don't get back together so quickly after having been through what they did






Absolutely NOT!






Absolutely NOT!












On the whole, yes






A bit of a joke!












Helen has been appalling to Lynley, ignoring his calls, making no contact, and suddenly she turns up in good spirits and tries to pry him away. Nah-ah. No way, Havers will save him!






Mmm... a bit rushed. Think the scriptwriter wanted to get away from all that relationship focus in last series, perhaps a little too swiftly for continuity, who knows.


IL scripts - closer to real life?






Not really no, this one was fan's fun,.






they are way better than last year's scripts






Maybe, I liked the plot much more than either one of the plots of series 4.


















yes a little bit,


















mostly yes, some slight flaws but after all this is fiction!!












Yes, all characters were real people, great acting and great script






Not really






Yes the plots follow things found in the news from time to time.












Seem as good as ever






scripts? What scripts?












Good plausible plot as usual. Well cast, great acting and beautifully shot






Settings have always been interesting and varied and not all crimes can be solved (cf. last series). Natural Causes was a better script and the whole episode was refreshing.


Lynley - did he change much?






Not much






Indeed he did - for the better I hope. He lost a bit of glamour, but it suits him well.






No, not really. He's still the same old Lynley, but he might be a little friendlier than he was before.












lost some weight and seems older






yes he did, but it's coherent


















A little more mellowed but still believable












a bit, but I like the change!






Yes, he looks a lot trimmer and fitter!






He changed a little. His hair was a little longer and slicked back, like Haunted Mansion.






a bit






A bit drippy.












He needs a slight haircut!






yes, for the worse! He is drippy and dopey!












Very subtly. Had his reigns pulled in!!






Suggest he stops dying his hair and let a few grey hairs show. Looks very unnatural! Also tries to dress like a man half his age! Prefer him how he used to be 3 or 4 years ago!






subtle change with a softer look in his eye-figure great- nicely humbled by Havers telling him off.






He seems happier and better natured






Lost a little weight (?) and changed to more casual clothes in Natural Causes keeps the series 'fresh'. More whole body shots - last series focused on his emotions and therefore face. Photography has a deeper brownish more dramatic hue around the face.


Lynley and Havers - a dream team?






Yeah, sure. A double-act.






Of course they are






Absolutely, with Fiona to get the focus of the dream team, it only becomes more obvious how great the L/H partnership is.












always been






yes for sure, good teamwork, respect and funny slogans


















As always a big yes, the chemistry is fantastic!


















YES!! I liked the way they communicated this episode, the humour!












Absolutely. They have a certain je ne se quois to their relationship.












always !


















Great chemistry






Getting a bit drab now. Havers losing her spark and Lynley turning losing his appeal.


















The phrase 'dream team' is interpretive - dream for local/global markets, successful within the genre or a predictable denouement for the relationship?

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