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One Guilty Deed

The second episode - what do you think?


A touch of The X-Files - liked the supernatural touch?






To a certain degree I did, but it shouldn't have had more supernatural elements though.












love a good ghost story






Not really. I'm not into it.






Well.. it worked in this episode but nothing to focus on for future episodes I think






Not sure. I think the 'scary figure' should have had a name, not just referred to as a ghost. (Thinking of the 'pie-man' in Broderick's "Gardens of the Dead".






A bit scary, a nice new touch.






added some atmosphere to the whole thing. hope they don't use this too often. it's not about Haunted Mansion, right?






Yes, cleverly done - not overdone






Yep! Just the right amount.


Havers - does she come to terms with her past?






Well, she's certainly on her way...












I think so, it is always little things who come overwhelming






Yes. I think so






Yes I think she has grown a lot






Guess so, yes.






Seems so, she still grieves but that's alright






I guess after what she's been through she never really will, but she's facing it now and then.






Not really, but she is gradually getting there - two steps forward, one step back


Havers - more self-assured when it comes to Lynley?






She's certainly willing to point out his mistakes and why shouldn't she? She's just saved his neck, and for once Lynley seems to really appreciate it.






Think so






yes, the relationship has grown






I think so. She certainly knows how to handle his remarks well and add a few of her own.






She definitely has no qualms about making sure Lynley knows just how rude and ignorant he can be and that's a good thing, it shows they've grown to be equals. This coupled with the role reversal in the first episode show the writers are preparing to develop their relationship further. Does this mean and end to Helen? One can only wait and hope...






It's about right probably.






That gal really knows how to handle him. She a bit nosey at times, but OK for me. Lynley need some straight words at times.






Yes very much so, not afraid to bite his tongue of ;-)












Yes, much more confident






Hmm... sometimes, at least.


Lynley in that caravan - a good idea of Havers?






Loved it!!






One of her best ideas ;) Let him see her world.






Actually it is a good idea, she spent time with his family, so this it's her world...






i don't know but it was fun watching. just the look on his face when he saw the caravan. i had lots of fun






I loved it! He had the hardest time trying to rough it. Loved Helen's remark about "poor Barbara". Classic!






Lynley's face was a classic! Brilliant stuff. Good that he got a taste of her past too






Guess it's 'real life', but Lynley's aristocratic background doesn't need an entire makeover - the viewer (esp. the viewer overseas) need/s t o see occasional symbols of his background.






That look on his face was priceless, yeah. She had fun, Lynley kinda, too.






Brilliant! Showed how she's been right about him all along - his a genuine snob! Made me laugh out loud :-D






Yes, but she did not make the most of it!






dio mio - what an idea. she had lost of fun obviously - and he somehow, too.






Oh yes. Very funny scenes. I keep playing the tape over again






LOL! Her best one ever!


The script - several levels - a better plot?






The first episode's script was disappointing, considering we've waited for over a year for this! But thank heaven its back to normal now.












yes, complex and with suspense












Better in some ways, but why bring Helen back? with a personality-transplant?






On the whole, yes.






Much better than the script for the starter episode. Hope it stays this way.






Oops, didn't study plot as distracted by NP new (and far better) hair do.






Much better than the first one.






Enjoy them all, but this one had so many different facets. Very entertaining to watch. Love the scenes in the caravan - their expressions!!








Time to say good-bye to the Bristol 410?






Oh please no! I love that car. It suits Lynley so well






NO! I didn't really like that car when Lynley first got it, but I do now. It should stay.






A wonderful idea, I didn't like the car






Absolutely not!






Yes, afraid it's looking rather ropey now. But vintage care enthusiasts area always enthusiasts. The question is - what replaces it, without shunning all sense of continuity throughout all series?






This car looks so much out of place this time around.






Yes, Lynley should let Havers drive him in her new "Opel" as we call the car she drives in my country






It needs a good new motor - looked pretty slow against this Audi.






No - it's part of his character. Maybe change for another vintage car






I couldn't care less about that car - or any other!







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