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In the Blink of an Eye

The last episode in series 5 - what do you think?


Havers - with her past, will she be able to help Lynley?



She had no distance, so how she could help in the end?



Especially to be there, actually . I forgot to say this!



Yea I think so! she's probably his best friend and she's always been such a great support and sort of his "anchor", why should that be different now?!



Oh yes



Yes, quite probably. She's experienced grief before.



She already lives a totally work-based life and this is the solution she could offer to Lynley. The new series has, quite rightly, eliminated the "navel gazing" aspects of last series, including the focus on their relationship.



Think that would be great, but the scriptwriters sometimes seem to shy away from emotions on the surface, so who knows?



She's his beacon of hope that should do .



Yes, she can always help him on her own way!



Yes I think so, but maybe she fells a bit guilty that she survived a bullet, when Helen did not



Yes I think so



Hug him!!



She'll be his stable friend and anchor



Even when he'll be pushing her away she will always be his rock (as he is for Havers)



She's his partner, she's always going to help, but her more mellowed out attitude will certainly help his with the initial grief



I hope so





Helen - a sad goodbye? Helen - a sad goodbye?



Yes for me, the new Helen was wonderful and emphatic, the right friend too Lynley



I was very sad to see this Helen go



Sad yes, but not unwelcome!






Sorry to see Lynley's sorrow. It was extremely well done.



Just as a role was beginning to be found for her, a rather abrupt removal from the series.



It was a very sad episode to see Lynley so hurt, I was not sad to lose Helen though.



No - it was expected; in the books she dies after losing the baby, doesn't she? Can see Catherine Russell going on to bigger things in the future.



I cried



Yes very sad, Tommy may not be happily married!?



No, expected, but the way it was done was not very plausible



Now we know we she suddenly reappeared.



Yes - now that they got their act together they should have stayed together and been happy



Yes, I was enjoying watching the scenes between her and Lynley and being more agreeable. Good luck all the actresses who played her. Now someone is going to have to replace Helen ...... maybe a series of unsuitable women



Very moving and sad.



I hated the old Helen character but this one grew on me, and although I've always wanted Lynley and Havers to be together, I still felt sad she went. Still, it's a clean sheet for Lynley....





Lynley - how will he cope?



Hard to say



Poorly as always, burying himself in work I guess



With Havers by his side! :=)






He'll cope with Havers help.



Within this level of pace of work, particularly the more urban settings such as this series, he won't have time for life outside work. This new Lynley would certainly not remarry and could very likely end up like an Inspector Morse.



I don't know how he will cope, he and Havers may have something happening, but it would be strange to see.



Wonder if it will be brushed under the carpet. I feel that other cliff-hangers have not really been followed up when the new series starts.



Not well



Quiet, in his own thoughts, but he will be grumpy



With some help from family and friends (Havers) I think he might come out stronger on the other side.. so to speak



He will become more moody and morose and lose himself in his work



He'll find a sympathetic someone and have a "healing" affair - isn't that how writers always do it?!



By having a breakdown, or by throwing himself into work and then having a breakdown, or by taking long leave and going back home to Cornwall and his mother and then having a breakdown. Most likely Havers as his friend will be his rock



He should be made to take leave to avoid a problem like WOG



  Get with Havers


The ending - no cliffhanger - what will be next?



The end, what next? THIS IS IT!!!!!



Either Lynley quits and Havers tries to get him back to work or he throws himself into work and makes everything worse... dunno...






Would like to see Havers/Lynley get together, but don't think it's likely.



Dramatic. Hasn't shooting and loss of life been a little over-used though?



I didn't like how hard Havers was, i wanted her to hold him like i would have done - my boss or not!



Hope to see more top-quality plots - like the way it's been shot this time. Would like to see IL and BH get together, of course! (Wouldn't everyone!)



No idea, but I hope that the next episode will be full of humour between L&H and his aristocrat acting me return!



No cliff-hanger? Are you kidding? It wasn't a high paced in the final scene, but it still has the ambiguity of not knowing what will happen next. Its definitely a turning point for Lynley



A special with Havers as DI investigating a murder on the coast close to Howenstowe so she will be able to visit Lynley and pic his brain on the case :)



More difficult cases



He'll dive into work but lose some of his drive; run away as he's done in the past?



Well, if this isn't a cliffhanger I don't know what is. The scriptwriters have really got to get to grip with this one and follow the storyline through with something very hard hitting that ultimately gives Lynley some sense that justice has been done, o



More, more



Lynley relies on Havers and they solve more crimes



Not your typical cliffhanger, more a sad good-bye. Interesting though what the writers will have to say.


The plot too contrived?



No I don't think so, these things happen






A little like Schindler's list.



Plot was OK. The increased pace in this series, particularly last episode, was better. Increased use of techniques of cinematography in this series has worked well.



No - enjoyed the twist - I was beginning to think it wasn't the driver at all.



No, I liked the plot






Yes a bit



Typical-happiness-happiness ended-never a lifelong commitment and real life



No, it all made for a very good story and in the light of what is going on in the world especially over the last decade or so, very plausible









Well a bit constructed, but not too much


Would you like to see more of IL?



No, the story is told, Nathaniel and the others did a great job. There is no more to tell!!!!









Definitely YES! All the more now!!!






For sure!



Hard to say after last night's ending, but this has been a good series and has clearly been quite demanding on its actors.






More Lynley, of course, the more the better!



Yes!!! Would prefer shorter episodes (1hr) and more of them. 4 is just not enough. Just seems to get going and it's finished! Hope we don't have to wait as long this time, either!



Yes a bit more would be nice, can't just leave it like that!



Of course! More than four episodes a yea would be wonderful!



Yes of course









Yes - I want our Inspector happy, real, content and at peace!



Yes please. Plus a couple of extra two-part specials throughout the year too.



Yes - of course!



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