This is to say Happy Christmas to everyone.

I have been a bit on the busy side recently so please excuse a lack of  postings from me. But here I am on Christmas eve, now Christmas morning, on line. Go figure. I have just finished stockings for little ones and wrapping presents for my glorious wife.

That's how far we've got. It is terrific fun this year. Indeed I think this has been as exciting a year as I can remember. The energy and enthusiasm is like it was at the beginning. I think this has a fair amount to do with the new producing team. Sharon Hughff is our new producer and she has a very good handle on the script.

This weekend I finished my brother's film, Fade To Black. It has been a very short shoot, because of the size of the budget. We saw some real challenges and the cast and crew worked harder than I have ever seen a unit do. Some could say it has been a problematic production, but from what I have seen, I think a more correct adjective would be triumphant. I have never known anything like it, and I am very sad to finish. I flew out of Isle of Man ro Blackpool and then drove down through the night to Dungeness, Kent, on the south coast to be picked up at 6.30am this morning to get back to Lynley.
Last night I found myself sitting with my new Helen. Cathrine Russell is playing Helen in our new series. This may come as a surprise to many, but the fantastic Lesley Vickerage is no  longer with us on the series. In fact, she is celebrating motherhood for the first time. Great addition for the world, sad loss for Lynley. We will miss her. However we now have the lovely Kathy Russell. Some of you may have seen something I did years ago called the Vision Thing. A very funny political satire I thought, and Kathy and I were husband and wife in that too.

I am just giving a quick update. We are just about half way thru' the shoot of Fade To Black. Later this week the whole production shifts to Isle of Man. Actually I go back home a couple of days of days early. I just have to pop out to Man Island, as the local crew here refer to it, for a few days. Normally when I shoot an episode of Lynley I get either one or no day off, Fade To Black have squeezed three or four. I am afraid they may also get a slight shock on the hair front too. I have an almost Oscar Wilde look. I must remember to not let too much of Viola drift into Lynley. That would put a new spin on things wouldn't it!

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