Just a little and late word of THANKS
I am sorry that I have not responded sooner. I had no idea that people had left messages at all, let alone such sweet ones. I am also not quite the computer whiz I wish I was, so I had to get this process explained.
Anyway a big thank you to all who have contributed and all those who wrote such lovely birthday greetings. I am very touched.
My latest news is that in the last week I have agreed a new deal for the next Lynley batch of 4. Series 5! Hopefully I wont be such a grumpy soul in the next lot. We don't start shooting until September this year, so I can't guarantee when it will be broadcast.
I've nearly finished Bleak House. Just a few more days spread over the next month. That should be out in the Autumn schedule at the BBC. Working with loads of great people on that.
With any luck this will be followed by my brother's film Fade to Black. This is quite a low budget film, so one can never be sure until you are on set. I do hope that it comes off. Olly is probably the most talented director I have ever had the luck to work with, and he has worked so hard on this. Just about the best moment of my career was when Olly said his first, "Action".
So thank you all for the time spent. When I do have some time I will endeavour to join in a forum or whatever they are called.


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