I've just got up after a long night filming, and am soon heading out for another long night. Truth is tho' I haven't actually got much to do in these scenes. Mostly back of my head and the odd shot of me and Paz sitting next to each other. Paz Vega has had a terrific career so far, working with Almodavar and recently in Spanglish. She was good fun last night as we both had to smoke and neither particularly wanting to, but everyone in that time, 1948, seemed to in Italy. On the other side of me sat my boyfriend.

My boyfriend is a truly good looking lad called Marko Petrovic. He's a successful up and coming Serbian actor who has already played main parts at the National Theatre here. I thought, when I met him the other day, that he reminded me of Joaquin Phoenix, who I have always rated very highly on both his talent and his looks. Yesterday he just looked like a very 1948 fashionable boy. I am trying not to play Viola too gay or camp. I don't really need to because the costume has flair and the hair and make up are done so beautifully and carefully by two Italians who know that look very well. It didn't stop me or others camping it up throughout the night! I think there was a fair amount of wow factor from the local extras because Marko is quite well known over here now, and the rest of the cast & crew took the mickey out of me a lot.

I have a few days off from tomorrow, so I am joining my family on holiday before I come back. I will update you all then as to how it is going.

By the way, I don't know if any of you voted on the Best Actor thing on the home page, but if you did many thanks. Didn't get down to the final nominations, but thank you anyway.

Have a good week,


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