I am just giving a quick update. We are just about half way thru' the shoot of Fade To Black. Later this week the whole production shifts to Isle of Man. Actually I go back home a couple of days of days early. I just have to pop out to Man Island, as the local crew here refer to it, for a few days. Normally when I shoot an episode of Lynley I get either one or no day off, Fade To Black have squeezed three or four. I am afraid they may also get a slight shock on the hair front too. I have an almost Oscar Wilde look. I must remember to not let too much of Viola drift into Lynley. That would put a new spin on things wouldn't it!

I have to admit to being very nervous this week. I may have been on Olly's film for a couple of weeks already, but I haven't done any speaking until this week. My first filmed lines were in Italian. I can't remember if I have already done this, but I want to apologise to any and all Italian fans for my odd accent. I have a feeling it probably sounds like a fisherman from Sicily rather than a wealthy film producer. I did get thru' the day ok in the end. Olly really is a wonderful director. He has everybody's absolute trust and therefore their complete commitment on this picture. When I see how he is able to juggle the myriad of questions and requests as well as peoples' egos.

We are still on schedule and we are pulling so hard  that you wouldn't realise that it is not a big budget. The local people have all been fab to work with. At last night's Serbian wrap party we were treated to great local music and dancing, not to mention the alcohol. What I hope shows thru' is how talented all the local actors are. So many have graduated from drama school here in Belgrade and have been thru' the  national Theatre. We have had a whole bunch too of fantastically experienced and talented older actors. I don't know how to thank them all, but I think they have had a great time as well. Keep an eye out for some of these guys in the future, as greater integration in Europe becomes a reality.

So that's it from here. I hope I am able to come back when the film opens. I am going to listen to some cricket and play some tennis now. Can't tell you how arduous it is here! 

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