This weekend I finished my brother's film, Fade To Black. It has been a very short shoot, because of the size of the budget. We saw some real challenges and the cast and crew worked harder than I have ever seen a unit do. Some could say it has been a problematic production, but from what I have seen, I think a more correct adjective would be triumphant. I have never known anything like it, and I am very sad to finish. I flew out of Isle of Man ro Blackpool and then drove down through the night to Dungeness, Kent, on the south coast to be picked up at 6.30am this morning to get back to Lynley.

The Lynley shoot has been together now for a week and signs are good with the new team. It really is a new team. Sharon and I and 3 members of the crew are the only throw over from last year. There's a good freshness to it and I can tell you my look is a bit different from previous years.

This first episode has to contend with the haircut from Olly's film. We've done our best, but please don't turn off after the first . I will have a sorting out session in the break before the second. I am wearing a lot  less of the suits. More jeans and t-shirts.

As you know, we have a new actress taking over the role of Helen this year. I am sorry I can't tell you yet who it is, but until settled it wouldn't be right.

I will try to get to a couple of questions tomorrow.

All the best everyone


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