Last night I found myself sitting with my new Helen. Cathrine Russell is playing Helen in our new series. This may come as a surprise to many, but the fantastic Lesley Vickerage is no  longer with us on the series. In fact, she is celebrating motherhood for the first time. Great addition for the world, sad loss for Lynley. We will miss her. However we now have the lovely Kathy Russell. Some of you may have seen something I did years ago called the Vision Thing. A very funny political satire I thought, and Kathy and I were husband and wife in that too.

Last night we shot our first scene together. Hopefully a very good scene. It went very well and I am sure Kathy will be a bonus for the show.

The whole thing is going extremely well so far. The new team are keen and our new producer is particularly good on the scripts and where she thinks the direction of the show lies.

Life isn't all Lynley at the moment though. I am recording some Book At Bedtime stories for the CBBC channel, and next week I am reading the first part of the Young James Bond book, Silverfin, onto tape. I have a feeling the next episode will employ me a little more.

I will get back to the question page when I can I promise.
Speak to Y'all soon. Nat

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