The message is in the title. I wish everyone a truly happy and restful, rewarding and stimulating time over this festive period. Good times ahead for all I hope.

P.S.: I know it's not New Years yet, but one of my resolutions this time will be to go through and respond to a lot of questions.

Hello everyone.

I do hope you are all feeling the Christmas spirit. It has finally squeezed its way into my life. I have been so insanely busy over the last couple of months with Lynley that I wasn't sure I'd find the time to be festive, but I am beginning to. I work up until this Friday evening and don't start again until after New Year. Phew.

I think Lynley has been going well. We are stupidly rushed this episode. For a bunch of reasons our script wasn't ready on time and we cast very late. So late in fact that we didn't even get a read through. Once before I didn't get a read through, and then I discover how important they are. We have James D'Arcy (Master and Commander) and Honeysuckle Weeks (Foyle's War) with us in this episode. It's a very different kind of episode. Can't tell you in what way, but it's just not the usual. I hope you all enjoy it.

Of course I hear you say, "John Standing has already done a Lynley." This has been bugging me since first thing this morning, when I realised of course, that my tiredness has caught up me, and I meant John Shrapnel. Apologies John.
Everything going very well at work, until Tues night! All I had to do was get out of the Bristol, shout something at Havers and run off. On the 3rd or 4th take, in the middle of London, early evening of a long night ahead of chase scenes, I got out and as I turned to Havers, I fell to the ground as tho' someone had just whacked me incredibly hard with a hammer at the top of my right calf. 

I have finished A Class Apart. I have started Lynley. It is wonderful to see the crew again. It is mostly the same bunch and that is a very comfortable and encouraging feeling. Sharon is there with her baby, and even Paul, who plays Lafferty, is a new parent. They are on typically good form. 

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