I have finished A Class Apart. I have started Lynley. It is wonderful to see the crew again. It is mostly the same bunch and that is a very comfortable and encouraging feeling. Sharon is there with her baby, and even Paul, who plays Lafferty, is a new parent. They are on typically good form. 

A Class Apart was a terrific experience. Again the crew were marvellous. Roger Allam was very funny and gave a fantastic performance. Jessie was more fun, harder working and more talented than I could have imagined. It feels strange not being on set with them today. I kept having to remind myself who I was playing. The parts aren't a million miles apart, but they are very different. I hope I am not letting my headmaster dictate to my copper. 

We have a cracking cast for this first Lynley. Samantha Bond, Nick Farrell, John Standing, Geraldine Somerville, and Ed Stoppard are the main guests. Can't wait to work with them. Of course I have worked with one or two of them before. I am a lucky bugger!

Till the next time.


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