Everything going very well at work, until Tues night! All I had to do was get out of the Bristol, shout something at Havers and run off. On the 3rd or 4th take, in the middle of London, early evening of a long night ahead of chase scenes, I got out and as I turned to Havers, I fell to the ground as tho' someone had just whacked me incredibly hard with a hammer at the top of my right calf. 

I went down immediately. Never felt the like. I thought I had torn muscles before, but I had probably only strained them. This was a tear and no mistake. I guess most men are like that. It's the old syndrome of thinking we have got the flu as soon as we start sniffling, and then when we get the flu we suddenly realise the difference. 

Anyway, we had to postpone the chase scenes till later in the shoot, or even at the start of the next episode. I was rushed to A & E at St Thomas' and was helped by the excellent, over-worked and over-paper-worked team there. The poor production crew on Lynley have been having a nightmare trying to reschedule so that I am basically sitting down in scenes for the next few days.

It is getting better, but my movement is still restricted. So finally, in our 19 years and 6 moves, together, I am finally there for a house move, but now I can't do anything. Anna has the patience of a saint!

Have some other fun stories (?) to tell about this episode, but another time. Right now, I have to rush off and be in bed most of the day. I can hear your cries of, "Aahh" now.  



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