Just wanted to pass on congratulations to Jessika, our webmistress and all contributors for passing that 200,000 mark.

I am drawing to an end with this season's Lynley. Only 2 more weeks to go. Some are excited and some are relieved at the prospect. I am a little ambivalent actually. I have had such a good time this year and as we haven't drawn up the specifics for next year I am hoping that something doesn't come up and get in the way of the schedule. Of course that could be a good thing too. If the right piece came up....

Bleak House has been very successful, and people seem so surprised that  I could do something other than Lynley, that I wonder if I should do more to break out of the mould. We will have to wait and see.

I will post how it went when I have finished and hopefully by then I will know if I will be doing more or not this year.

Happy 2006 to All.


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