Hello everybody. I am thrilled to see the site having as many hits as it has. Thanks.

I think it is time to give you a bit of an update as to what has been going on since I last contributed.  Well, I finished the shooting of this series of Lynley at the end of January, and have found the powers that be at the BBC have decided to offer me 2 specials to be shot at the end of the year. This shortened shoot is instead of the suggested 6 episodes. Of course I find this a bit strange, because we do earn a lot of money for the Beeb, but it has also given me a slightly new perspective on the year ahead. In fact I have been out there in the big wide world and I've got good news.

I have just signed up to do a part in a film that starts shooting next week, and am in the process of signing for another straight after the first. Actually they dovetail a little. I am thrilled about this I have to say. The parts themselves aren't huge, they are quite interesting to play. I can't tell you what they are because I have checked with the PR team if I am allowed to. I will let you know when I can. They are good fun names and good fun little parts. 

What made me particularly happy was that having come from doing so much TV recently, I really figured that it would take me a while longer to get back into films. Of course I have my brother's film in the can and festival hunting, so that will be 3 character type roles in the movies over the next year to come out. I have to admit to being a bit chuffed.

Great that Bleak House has been nominated for so many things. Quite right! It was fun to go up and, collectively, collect the TRIC award. I am quite a novice at award ceremonies. I hope it continues to do well. I understand from our producer that it is going down, or has gone down, very well in the US.

I will be on location for a bit, so I should be able to give you the gen on at least one of the pictures. Till then, thanks for visiting Jessika's great site. Bye. Nat


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