300,000+  Now that's an impressive amounts of hits, and I know it's not my mum, she never hit anything in her life. Thanks to all for visiting and taking an interest. Thanks hugely too, to our wonderful webmistress, Jessika, for creating a place where I can find out what is happening in my career. I hope you realise that I do check in every now and then, because there's no way I would have all the release dates or events around the world. Bleak House is a great example. If it wasn't for this site I would never have known for what and where it was nominated.

Anyway to the news. I haven't quite finished Flawless, but nearly. I have had a terrific time and learnt a lot. I will admit to being ever so slightly frustrated at not playing larger and more integral parts. However I haven't done much in the world of movies in the same way that I have on TV here. So I feel a bit like an apprentice, and am learning masses. As I said last time, Mike Radford is amazing to work with. Richard Greatrex is one of the very best in his field. Demi was as undiva-ish as you can imagine, and worked so hard. I didn't meet Sir Michael Caine on this, but the crew, a very good barometer of stars' egos and talent, raved about him as they did about Demi. All the other actors, particularly Josh Ackland and Nick Jone, were a  joy. 

OK enough backslapping let's get down to the nitty gritty.

Oops there is no juicy gossip. Now I know why celebrity mags write what they do; if there's no juicy scandal, make it up!

Stardust is about to get going for me, but, again frustratingly, will finish almost as fast as it begins. I've had a bit of rehearsal on it so far, and Matthew Vaughn seems completely on the ball and Charlie Cox is quite rightly one of the new hot things. I won't get a chance to meet the big names on this one, but it's a nice wee part and I think it'll be a very good fun movie. 

Talking of movies, I saw my first movie for ages last night. Inside Man has Clive Owen in it. I don't know Clive well but I do think he's doing really well and thought he was very good in it. Quite a straight forward role, he was on the money. I understand he is also into horse racing. Have to say tho' Chiwetal Ejiofor! Bloody Hell he's fantastic isn't he. New York accent was superb and he looked completely at ease. Not as much as a character for him to get his teeth into as Clive, so huge admiration for him.

Lynley is probably coming out in the summer here. That could be a killer for us. Our figures will plummet. Everything always does in the summer. It's known as the Graveyard shift in transmission terms. I understand it is because of the Beeb having a lot of new projects they want to test in a decent spring market, but also a little soccer tournament is being held this year, which is very disruptive to schedules. It's a shame because if the figures fall our importance within the BBC framework will lessen. As it is, we are still around their number one sales worldwide, but that just tends to put programmes into the ,"Oh well, we don't need to bother about them"-category. Much frustration, (AGAIN) about that. There is a plan to do a couple of Specials this autumn. Let's see what they come up with. Of course I would love to be proved wrong on the Beeb's attitude, and that they are prepared to reward all those, like Sharon Hughff our producer last year, and of course, my adopted little sister Sharon Small, and forge forward, but ....

Anyway, guys, thanks for logging on and I really will try to answer some questions sometime. I am incredibly busy at home when I am not working, but I will try. By the way I see you are flagging up my birthday, I had nearly forgotten! I wonder if I will get a mention in this year's Racing Post paper. At last.

All the very best to everyone.  



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