I have some news. First of all, this site is soon to be changing it's status to OFFICIAL. 

I think it is only right, because our webmistress has done such a wonderful job over the last couple of years. I am delighted that she has consented to take this step. And it will allow me to feel confident enough to contribute more.

Which brings me to the next bit. I will be shooting two more Lynleys this year. As I think I have mentioned before that we were intending to do 6 episodes this year in an attempt by the BBC to make it a more dominant series. Various factors made them alter their plans and now we have what are called, "specials". I think that that means they will show them at the festival kind of times, Easter and Christmas. I think! Who knows?  

But before then I am going to shoot a TV film I am very excited about. A Class Apart, by Tony Grounds, starring Jessie Wallace and myself. So it's going to be a very busy time through until Christmas.  

The story is a take on Pygmalion. I have always been a big fan of Tony's work. He wrote Births Marriages and Deaths, and Gone To The Dogs amongst many other great pieces. I have known him for 30 years and have begged him to write something for me. I was thinking that I might get the kind of part he writes for the likes of Ray Winston and Mark Strong. Cheeky devil has written me as a posh headmaster. Ah well. It'll be great fun to do. 

I will then dovetail onto Lynley and shoot the best Lynley script I have read so far with Bob Bierman directing. At the moment we are planning to film some of this abroad, but who knows. That is always an expensive route, but I am really looking forward to it.

Last piece of news is that the Nuremberg episode on Speer is being broadcast on 2/10/6. That seems to be the plan. We all appear in every episode, but I think my episode is in the middle. Scheduling though is never certain until transmission.

I will bring more information at a later date, but that is all for now.

THANK YOU to the HALF A MILLION hitties !!!!!!!!


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