Just wanted to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everybody.

I want to thank every single one of you who has contributed to this site in any form whatsoever. All comments are always welcome. I would love to become more involved here in 2008. I know that's up to me, but I have been greatly encouraged by various people to be more accessible, and I intend to act on this. I have had a great finish to the year and am in a very positive frame of mind for the next jump in life.

Talking of jumping, I have a bit of a horse running tomorrow who should have a good chance. Pur De Sivola runs in the 2nd race at Kempton. I do NOT recommend  anyone to bet, but I will have a few quid  on him. Remember, if you do bet, only bet with what you can afford to lose. Bookies are generally very rich people!

 If I don't get the chance let me also wish everyone A WONDERFUL 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!  Nat x

My Goodness, what a year. It has been a year of huge ups and downs, and ups again. The ups you may find weird, but I have to say my trip to Chad was such an eye-opening experience, that hadn't come near my radar at the beginning of the year. Of course it was harrowing and sleepless and disgusting in many ways, but the women out there, both the aiders and the aided, are a shining example to all.

Then there was Lynley as an experience. Terrific last show. I know you guys wont have seen it yet and I have no idea when the powers that be on the Beeb plan on showing it, but it was a great one to end on. And the shuffling off of that particular cloak has also been a very positive development. I am finding it hard to break the mould here, but I have no fear about it. It makes me realise just mercurial the whole game is, and how lucky I was to have a show like that, and how surprising the pitfalls can be. 

Just wanted to say that despite an appearance on Breakfast on BBC1 yesterday, promoting the new show, the programme was pulled.

I am not sure if I am liberty to say why, but it was for a good reason. Please be patient, it will air, and soon, but I am not sure when.

I am now back from LA and quite exhausted by the good time I had there. Loads of meetings, and lots of thoroughly good people. Fab. Having got back, I am having jet lag for the first time. Normally, no probs. This time. Bleedin' heck! Anyway, off on hols with the family now. Phew. Any news, you will be the first to know. Actually, that's not quite true, our wonderful Jessie, always seems to know before me!

Happy Hols to all.

And I am glad to say it was great fun. It has absolutely caught the genre and feel of the old movies, but in a totally modern, and even naughtier way. The premise is the same, school in trouble financially, and with the authorities and puts into plan some very clever way out. Rupert is fab at the headmistress and her brother, and the scenes with him and Colin are just fantastic. They actually hit a pathos that you really aren't expecting to see. If you're eagle eyed you'll catch my girls and even me. I kinda wish they'd cut that bit, and there's still hope because as I say, this is only the first cut.

I have to say that I really like it here. I am in LA, and have had a lot of fun. The Stardust premiere, which is why I'm here, was great. The movie is genuinely terrific as are the performances. And I think that Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman and Neil Gaiman have told a fantastical story, fantastically. I didn't get much of a chance to speak to folk as there is always a rush and a bit of scrum at these red carpet things, but I did sweat a lot, so that could have been the reason no one came anywhere near.

I have been having a load of meetings and have been enjoying them all. Rob Marsala, my manager here, has kept my schedule full and I don't think he's stopped yet, altho' I go on Sat.


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