Rivers is the Country music wizard I told you all about after my trip to Sundance last year. He is in town next week. I hope I have attached the poster for his very short British tour. I am going on the 14th to the Regal Rooms in Hammersmith.

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It may not be the biggest venue this side of the River Jordan, but it would be great to fill it. It's more of a country rock sound than classical country music, but he has had 6 number 1s as a writer and won Song of the Year at the Country awards in the States last year, so in my book he's a seriously talented man.

Please visit his web site on www.riversrutherford.com. The show's on at 14/04/07 Regal Room, Fulham Palace Rd, 8pm.

Please make the effort all who are around. It'd be great to see you there. Please do introduce yourselves if you come. Thanks. See ya'll there.

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