I have to say that I really like it here. I am in LA, and have had a lot of fun. The Stardust premiere, which is why I'm here, was great. The movie is genuinely terrific as are the performances. And I think that Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman and Neil Gaiman have told a fantastical story, fantastically. I didn't get much of a chance to speak to folk as there is always a rush and a bit of scrum at these red carpet things, but I did sweat a lot, so that could have been the reason no one came anywhere near.

I have been having a load of meetings and have been enjoying them all. Rob Marsala, my manager here, has kept my schedule full and I don't think he's stopped yet, altho' I go on Sat.


Also wanted to say that I have read an interview on Teletext that I gave a couple of days ago. I have asked Jonathan Donald to try to temper it down a little. I don't think he has twisted my words, Jonathan isn't like that, but I think I sound almost spiteful about the end of Lynley. I am not. I think I get why they have cut it, but anyway, it doesn't really matter. I had a ball, and am happily facing the future. The show has stood the test and it stands me in good stead for what's ahead. As far as that goes, what can not come too soon, is seeing my family again. It's only been 10 days here so far, but I do miss them terribly.

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