We are just about there. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and then there's no turning back.

I have done my Latvian job, Miss Irena's Children.  I had a great time working with Anna and Marcia and the director John. In fact, I am pleased to report, everyone was nice at school! And now it is time for kids, eating, drinking and making merry. Phew.

I would like to thank all those who have sent their wishes my way, I hope you feel the same coming your way. Thanks to everyone who has contributed in whatever way to either this site or the charities mentioned here. AND OF COURSE THANKS TO JESSY.


I would like to put my voice behind Jessie's acknowledgement of World Aids Day.

Aids awareness is something very important. Too few people understand about AIDS. My friend Nick Redding, who started the charity S.A.F.E. in East Africa, that I have mentioned many times here, is one of those saints around the world who have tried to educate and inform. We are lucky to have him and his like.

Please spread the word.  Love and Peace.


A quick heads up on the next job. I wouldn't want anyone holding their breath on this one, but the Miss Irena's Children isn't happening. I guess this is why I rarely tell anyone about a job before I am on set. Unfortunately they have decided to go in a different direction with the part. C'est la vie. It's a real shame I won't be working with Anna Paquin, I would have liked that very much, but maybe in the future. 

Hello all. Well the premiere was a grand night out. Demi was in great form, as was the lovely Mike Radford and his even lovelier wife Emma. I think this is a terrific movie. Very tough to get the period so right, but they certainly did. And Richard Greatrex, one of the world's greatest cameraman, was there too. I did a load of interviews there and again today for various radio stations around the country. I do think Michael Caine gives a fantastic performance. He should get an Oscar nod for that one I think. He really gets his teeth into it. I was also much touched by the charity CLIC Sargent, and have offered my services to them. Please consider them when the thoughts of donations pass. 

I am off to Latvia after all. The have reconsidered and I should be going out there in a week or so. As I have said before I look forward to it.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I have just found out that Flawless is having a Charity Premiere for CLIC Sargent on Wednesday 26th Nov. How exciting. I have had a quick look at the CLIC Sargent website and am very impressed with their work. I do hope most of our rather illustrious cast can make it. I believe the website still has some tickets left, for £50 I think, so perhaps I will see one or two of you there. I maybe coming from the Richard and Judy set, or that maybe the evening before, I don't know yet.  I still haven't seen the film. On my various transatlantic flights I have managed to resist peeking at it on the tiny screen and have been hoping for a chance to see it in a proper theatre. This is the same production team that did Malice In Wonderland. I will find out our progress with that too, and get back to you. Till then...

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