I have three bits of news for you all.

First is that Fade To Black is opening on the 7th March here in London. It is going to start at Panton St Odeon. This is a good place for movies that are a cross over for the art-house and commercial worlds. I believe that that has been one of the issues for the distributors. Is it art-house? Or is it commercial?  I don't know why there is a problem. It's obviously not a blockbuster with loads of special effects, but it has strong thriller and strong love story elements.

The actors are powerful and the crew is full of award-winning talent. Let's hope many of you out there go and boost the figures. Perhaps the surrounding cinemas will take an interest and place it for a couple of weeks on their screens too. This is what it needs, support, and positive word of mouth, followed up by bums on seats. I think it's great, so please go see it. Danny Huston, Mr. Walken, Diego and Paz are all FAB and the story is gripping.

Second piece of news is also a release thing. Flawless is being shown in the US in selected cinemas later in March this year. I'm pretty sure this one will get a lot of attention. Demi Moore is currently on the cover of the spring edition of V Magazine and I guess there will be some more PR going on. The whole team was sheer joy to work with. So fingers crossed the American audience will be enjoying it as much as we did making it. It's only a limited release tho', so please do check your local info for this one. From what I hear it has been to some festivals and is out now on the Spanish market.

The third piece of news I have is that I have agreed to do a play. I can't tell you what or where yet, but I have agreed to do it. I am fairly certain it won't be on until the 2nd/3rd week of May. But until pen goes to paper...

Oh a 4th snippet is that I will be on lovely Richard and Judy's Book Club again. I'll be reviewing Mister Pip on the 27th February.

That should do for an update.  

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