Not having signed on the dotted line I had been a little hesitant about putting this up too soon, but  the theatre is now taking bookings, so I guess it's pretty much definite!

I am really looking forward to it. About the most exciting thing about it right now is who I will be working with. I don't know yet, but I know Harry, the director, is aiming high. Harry's a lovely guy, and I am sure a great director. I have heard many good things.


I haven't visited the theatre at Windsor yet, but I will be very shortly. It's certainly getting me buzzing. Two plays in 17 years probably isn't really enough, but with the brilliant Simon Gray's words we are hopefully already on a winner. I think the play is quite fantastic. I mean no false modesty, but I really do hope we do it justice.

Don't forget Olly's film at Panton St Odeon from March 7th. But also don't forget this was all done on a shoestring, as we say in this country. That means that there wasn't any money for the shoot, and even less for the editing!

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