OK, so I got a bit busy and got even slower.

Tonight I am on Hotel Babylon. I only found out about the slot a week ago. The powers that be, when it comes to scheduling are a mystery to me. I still have no idea when the Inspector is going to grace your living rooms! 

Then I am doing the Richard and Judy Book Club tomorrow afternoon. I won't say now what I thought of the book, but I will try to go on-line next week and answer some questions from you. Now there's a thought, our own book club. No wait, I am not taking into account time, or lack of it.

FADE TO BLACK premiere is on Sunday at The Electric. It's what you call a low-key affair, because it's all a bit rushed and hardly anyone from the cast is free. I am. It's my wonderful wife's birthday, and of course Mother's Day. Then it opens on the 7th March. Bombarding the Odeon Panton St, is a good plan.

That's it. So, sorry for being late on the Babylon news, and  I hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend as much as I do.

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