I have just realised that, as usual, I forgot to update people and tell them that I was doing Radio Berkshire this morning.


It was quite last minute and..... Actually that's just not true. I knew about it ages ago, but, you know how it is. You think you do something, and then instead of actually doing it, it gets put on the back burner until you forget completely. I am REALLY bad at this. 



The rehearsals are going to start soon for Quartermaine's Terms, and I am getting very excited.  I had to go to the theatre recently for a photo shoot for the poster and as I drove there, for the first time, my heart rate increased exponentially (I've always wanted to use that word in it's correct context). I had to persuade myself the reason for this rapid rise was excitement and not fear. Don't yet know who else is in it with me. Maybe no-one wants to be and it'll end up being a one man show!

Did something fun the other day. A voice over for a game. Something about, or called Witchers, I think. I wasn't very good in bits. I hope the guys there got what they needed, because there wasn't much fluency from me. Poor engineers. But I did enjoy the attempt and would hope to do more. 

Off on holiday this week. Phew. Need this. If the play does go this summer then it'll be our only family holiday. 

One other thing I didn't know about till after the event was the repeat screenings of Lynley on BBC1 daytime over the last week. I would have warned, but I didn't know myself until someone pointed them out to me on Friday afternoon. We like repeats, even midday!

Hope all of you are well. Thanks to all for visiting Jessika's fantastic site so often. I see the number has shot up recently. Flattery will get you everywhere!

Bye For Now. 

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