That's how my dad used to describe theatre.

I can't believe that Quartermaine is over. That was a wonderful job. I loved it. I'll miss working with all those wonderful people. Chris Timothy, Charlie Kay, Victoria Wicks, Rosanna Lavelle, Joe Hill and last, but by no means least, the lovely Hal Fowler. Claire, Hugo and John our understudies. Brian and Steph, Sonaria, Anne-Marie, and Tom all backstage. John, and the fabulous Angela Edwards at Windsor. And the man that brought it all together, MATT/HARRY BURTON our director.

What a great team. I cannot remember a moment's bitchiness or real antagonism. We worked hard and we all struggled with the task, but everybody, EVERYBODY, worked their socks off and were a tribute to their respective professions. I was unsure and nervous to start with, full of trepidation. I needn't have had any worries. Everyone supported everyone all the time. Heaven.

If I knew what comes next I would tell. I don't, so I can't. Thanks to all out there for your support and encouragement too.  

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