OK, so what happened to the summer? I came back from France last night, with my family, only to walk straight back into awful weather. Wherever you all are, I hope it's better.

I thought I'd quickly see how the website has been doing. If I've go to a major Hollywood blockbuster, it'd be our 'wunderbare' Jessie would know about it first. Not that, but as usual a lot of updating has been going on. I thought I'd remark on a bit of it and even add a couple of bits myself. 

St. Trinian's is going to the US. Great. I hope they like it. I think it's not getting a huge release, but it may well pick up from word of mouth. Obviously I think I stole the show (ahem cough splutter), but I am glad it's got a couple of nods at the National Film Awards. I've watched it a few times now with my girls, who are obviously in it too, and I do think that it hit exactly the mark it was aiming for. Well done Olly, Barney and all the others.

Pet Paws have their calender out. I was sorry not to have been able to get to the launch, but I am sure they survived purrfectly well without me. It's a good charity. 

I have seen a bit of the lovely Millie Fox recently and it was a great pleasure to do Vile Bodies with her. Unfortunately we weren't at the same sessions, but I hope it's a good recording. It is certainly a wonderfully funny and caustic book. It's great to be associated with it. 

Which brings me on to another book I am about to do. Black Beauty. What fun. I can't wait. I love reading the classics. I didn't read nearly enough as a kid, but BBC Audio Books are making sure I catch up. My darling Dad must be up there chuckling to himself. Now when I get to read a book I get paid for it. This is history repeating itself. When I was a youngster he used to get me and Olly to learn William Blake poems. Olly was like a sponge and absorbed it all easily. I made Dad pay me six pence a poem! Anyway, I am reading that at the end of the month. 

And finally, I don't know if any of you have watched the ITV Crime Thriller Award build up, but luckily I do the voice overs for all the various writers, and I think at the awards itself. Very exciting. 

Actually there is one last thing which rates up there. The nod for Jessie for doing such a brilliant site. FULL MARKS TO HER!!!!!

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