As we teeter towards the 2 MILLION mark, I thought I should tell you about War Requiem. It's a fantastic new digital version that I saw. I don't remember it being quite so good a film. Tilda is truly magnificent in it, as she is just about everything. But Jarman's vision shines through. It is basically a 88 minute music video to Benjamin Britten's piece, in turn based on Wilfred Owen's war poems. The film goes through many different guises and I felt swept through a series of beautiful paintings. From Lowry to Turner, to the most bloodthirsty Goya.

The good news is that it will be shown at the Curzon cinema, Mayfair, (my favourite cinema in London) on Remembrance Day Nov 8th. So please, PLEASE, if you can, GO!!!!

And as we near our 2nd million, praise be to the Jessie!!!!! The best actor's site in the game. I am very proud to have her as my webmistress. And as such she is supreme. N x

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