Thank goodness I logged on. As usual I learn more about my career from this site than I do from anywhere else. I didn't realise that the new DVD was coming out, or when Flawless was being released.

I don't know yet if there's a little premiere of any sort, but if there is I hope its a few days before. I have a carol concert I am doing in Chester Cathedral on the evening of the 28th November. If anyone is around then they are more than welcome to come and join in. It's a beautiful cathedral, and the event is organised by Sarah and Matthew Kelly. I look forward to that.

I am also off to Latvia for a few days of filming on a wonderful piece called Miss Irina's Children. This is a very moving and extraordinary film with Anna Pacquin in the lead. I think it should be a gripping film. Not a huge part for me, but I couldn't say no to it. I am huge fan of her. I should have some more news about another project very soon, fingers crossed.

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