I've been out here in LA for a couple of weeks now and had enormous amount of fun. I am shooting a film called The Perfect Host. A young, first time director / writer called Nick Tomnay is in charge, and what a great script he has crafted. David Hyde Pierce, of Frasier fame, plays the main character. It's a thriller with some very clever moments that also has that wonderful, unquantifiable Australian input. Our producer, Stacey Testro, and her husband, Martin, one of the executives are also both Aussie.

There has been a great atmosphere, hard working and thorough, yet with a sense of humour and cooperation. I play an American cop, Detective Morton, which is nice for me as I don't often get the chance to play with an accent. I also sport a little beard. Not what you would call a big budget picture by any means, but I am really please to be a part of it. I think it will be a really inventive piece when it comes out.


Then I go home to read the next Young Bond, By Royal Command, onto CD. As I read it now in preparation, I think it's very exciting. I like this, but I have a feeling Charlie Higson is toying with me on the accent front. Many German, Russian Irish goodies and baddies of all ages and both sexes. Also a bit of imitation with the former Prince of Wales. Great fun.

I do also have to pack for my trip to Latvia to do the Anna Paquin film. I am looking forward to that. Not to forget also the Carol concert in Chester. Jessika has placed that publicity on the home page, much to the excitement of the organisers, so I hope we make a difference there.

Finally I am visiting the new look Richard and Judy in a couple of weeks. I think it's going to be the 25th Nov, but it could be the following day. I do love doing their shows, there is always a very good atmosphere, with two genuinely interesting and interested people. Anyhow, that's all for now. Bye from smoky LA.

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