Hello all. Well the premiere was a grand night out. Demi was in great form, as was the lovely Mike Radford and his even lovelier wife Emma. I think this is a terrific movie. Very tough to get the period so right, but they certainly did. And Richard Greatrex, one of the world's greatest cameraman, was there too. I did a load of interviews there and again today for various radio stations around the country. I do think Michael Caine gives a fantastic performance. He should get an Oscar nod for that one I think. He really gets his teeth into it. I was also much touched by the charity CLIC Sargent, and have offered my services to them. Please consider them when the thoughts of donations pass. 

I am off to Latvia after all. The have reconsidered and I should be going out there in a week or so. As I have said before I look forward to it.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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