Well that one's finished for me. I am not going to Rotterdam to film. We did all my bits here in London. And I had a fantastic time. My scenes were all with Bracha Van Doesburgh and what a joy she was to work with. James D'Arcy plays the lead, and what a lovely guy.

If you remember he was in the very last Lynley. Big fan of his, but Bracha had some really tough stuff to do and put her heart and soul into it. Our director, Paula van der Oest and her DoP Guido, were a great team. Paula is a seriously talented director, very generous,  and one I really hope to work with again.

Let's keep our fingers crossed this movie achieves the place it deserves.

Just quickly, and typically a little late, but I am on various radio stations throughout today promoting www.concerngifts.org. Concern Worldwide are pushing us to buy ethical gifts this Xmas. Apparently £1 BILLION is wasted on unwanted gifts each Christmas. £1 BILLION !

WOW!   So PLEASE  THINK  TWICE !   If you can't think of what to get someone this year, go to the website and change someone's life. You will feel good giving this gift of life and the person receiving it will feel great knowing that you respect them enough to give them them this important gift. Have a look at their range of presents. They're great. Very entertaining and satisfying ideas. I have got a whole bunch, a lot of the cheaper ones, to give to my kids to give to their friends. It works every which way. Thanks to all who partake. You will change lives. Lives of real people. Love and respect to all.

Well that's good news isn't it? The Perfect Host that I shot last year in LA has been accepted into the Sundance Festival as part of it's Midnight Madness section. To be perfectly honest I don't know what that means, but I am thrilled.

This is the link that will tell you more. But I am thrilled too for the lovely Aussie director/ writer Nick.

Added to Malice coming out in January, I am looking forward to the New Year........

Our wonderful webmistress knows more than I do about what is going in my life. Jessika seems to have gleaned more from both Channel 4 and the BBC about my upcoming stuff. The Book Club for instance  I have been keeping quiet until its official launch next week, but, yes I am helping present. Sounds funny saying that. I have never really presented before, but I know it'll be a great thing to do, and I hope it achieves its aims. I think with Amanda Ross at its helm we can be certain nothing will be left to chance. Ever since I first met her doing Richard & Judy, I have always wanted to work with her. I have rather pestered her, but it seems to have paid off. I can't wait.

And My Family date and dvd are something I didn't know about either. I am thrilled if it does come out on Xmas day itself. It was, as I have said, a fantastic opportunity for me. I think the world of that cast and crew.

And thanks everyone who supported the Salvation Army Carol Concert. What an experience, to be out there in front of all those people. Amparo, thank you for your lovely gift too. The thing thought that made the evening for me was that my mother came. I was so chuffed to have had her there.  

Hopefully more news on it's way, but until then. Peace and Love.

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