I am sorry not to have been in more contact recently. I have had a typically torrid time with things coming up and disappearing. Isn't life exciting! However, here I am. Well I am not really here. I am off on my hols with the family any second. Three glorious Italian weeks. We have been trying to get better at the language this time. It's is such a beautiful language isn't it. The publicity for Land Girls is coming up any minute, as is the show, of course, and I hope it all comes out OK. Never easy to have the atmosphere of an interview, which is almost always genial, come across in print. The better the journalist, the better the piece. I got asked all sorts of silly questions this time. Fun tho'. I do enjoy it. And there will be an appearance on GMTV on the 7th Sept. Hopefully I will be looking very tanned as I will have only just returned the day before.  Happy days to all!


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