Hello all.  I am just going into my last night's shooting of Injustice. It has been enormously good fun, and frustrating at the same time. The fun is sort of self evident. I love being on set and the cast & crew have excelled themselves. Many of the crew I have worked with before, but not too many of the cast. One or two like John McGlynn have been typically terrific, but this has also been my frustration. I have had little interaction with some of the cast.


Having done the voice-over and then presented a dagger at the ITV Crime Thriller Awards, I felt buoyed about going onto film Injustice. It made me realise how close my first day of filming is. Eek, only a few days to go before I do my first bit. I hear it has been going very well. The script is a cracker, so let's hope we don't do it an injustice!  That was a great fun night, and I think the broadcast was very good. They did cut a couple of laughs that Marcus and I had. I thought he was top notch. Somehow I do have to shed the "Posh" references, they keep coming, but I guess it's all in the casting (& the voice ). I am not going to turn down a good part just because it's posh, but more of the Malice roles would be exciting.


Thanks to all for cards and wishes and even presents. Very kind, Very sweet.  

I have had a lovely day filming the short film I mentioned before, Tell Me.  Tell you what, that Fiona Shaw and Eileen Atkins, blimey are they good. Actually Eileen didn't have much to do, in the scene I was in, but it was such a buzz filming and acting with two of our greatest theatre actresses. Yippee.  Thanks again.

Hello All,

I am sorry not to have been in touch for such a long time. All sorts of things have been happening in the Parker life, but here I am again with some news.

I am about to start a new job called Injustice. It is to be filmed over the next couple of months, with most of my bits being done in our capital. Of course, as I am no longer an inhabitant of London, that means I have to find a park bench to stay on. Ah well, perhaps someone will let me stay on a sofa somewhere. It's a very, very well written thriller that will be shown over 5 days. I do think that is a good format, altho' I can think of one that I thought suffered from being too drawn out. You have to have a very strong story and finish to sustain 5 consecutive days, and I believe this is. Anthony Horowitz has penned it, and James Purefoy will be playing the main part, and lovely Dervla Kirwan is his wife in it.

OK, it's a bad pun, but it's true in a way. I have many things that may or may not happen, or that are and aren't happening. Yes I am very proud to be the first ambassador for NCYPE, but I have also recently joined the raising charity, called Racing Welfare, that supports people within the industry in a very fundamental and unheralded way. It is the largest charity in the racing game and touches the parts other charities cannot reach, to quote a well known lager!

Then on top of that I am also recording a video message for Concern Worldwide for a campaign being launched on eBay very soon where people are given the chance to sponsor a handful of charities as they purchase. So, phew. I know this is a lot of charities to ally myself with, but along with S.A.F.E., that is it. 

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