What a fab new site. Well done our Jessy, and a huge thank you.

It has been sometime since I last logged in. Mostly because I was, for a while, concentrating on my mother's illness. I am sure most of you know that she died a few weeks ago now. Thank you variously for some of the letters. I don't think we need to discuss that on this site. It is a private thing. Thank you.


Other news is that I am going to be on ITV this weekend with Lewis. that isn't really news, but I can add that I won't be doing the Book Club's next series, The Summer Read will have a slightly altered sofa team. I may return in the Autumn, I don't know, but I did have fun working with some of the loveliest people.

My documentary project, The Survival of the Fastest, is beginning to take shape. It's the story of the Thoroughbred horse. Perfect for me. I will tell more when there is more to tell. See ya.

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