Well Done To Everyone on the Marsden March on Sunday, and well done and Thank You to all that sponsored me. I would urge anyone who hasn't yet to please search for any spare change and give. I know I ask a lot in troubled and testing times, and I ask it often for different charities, but I'm afraid I will keep on doing so. 


For once I have a correction to make on one of our fabulous webmistress' contributions. I am not appearing as a guest star in Merlin, I am actually going to be in the whole series! I can't say too much yet, altho' as Jessika mentioned I have already announced it on tv, but I don't want to pre-empt whatever press release they may want to put out. Ooops, ah well I guess I already have. In the meantime, I am getting a chance to ride and wear period costume, something I don't feel I have done in a while, so that's fun. I can say that it is a fantastic set to work on, but I think I have already said as much on my last letter here. 


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