Ok, here's a snapshot, as I run from one thing to the next. 

VERY DISAPPOINTING news with Me & Mrs Jones. We won't be making it back for another series.  I really feel sad for the team. Particularly Orianne & Fay, our fantastic writers. They, and everyone, did a great job. I had a blast doing it and I am sorry that I can't get to do Tom again. 

Moving on, I am so happy that I am joining Helen Mirren, Peter Morgan and Stephen Daldry in the West End. What a pedigree lot, and I must say, extraordinarily easy people to work with. I had no idea that it would be a collaborative experience like this. I may have only done one rehearsal so far, but I have goose bumps of excitement already. Maybe that's just nerves!

That's all I have time for at the moment, so have a great run up to Christmas.

I see the Marvellous Jess has already put up my Carol Concert date for the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity at Christ Church Oxford on the 7th Dec, so there's no point my mentioning it again! Ooops. Actually there are a couple of reasons for doing this. The main reason is, of course, Macmillan themselves. Extraordinary folk who help others during what is often the most dis-orienting time of one's approaching mortality. Whether this is one's own mortality, or someone close to you, there is always room for help and support, and this charity focuses so brilliantly on that. I recently helped The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity produce a film celebrating their upcoming tenth anniversary. I hope it will be successful in its search for new funds. I believe HRH Prince William is also making an appeal in the film. As you probably know my mother spent her last month in the Royal Marsden in South Kensington and they will have my unfaltering support. It's not easy to spot a theme with most of my charities. The fight against cancer and the support for those who have it I think are causes I feel honoured to be part of. The Debbie Fund has been another focus and it's progress has been remarkable too.

I have been here in Montreal for 5 days now & I haven't even seen a Mountie! We have had a chance to do some rehearsal, which consists mostly of talking about the scene rather than getting up on our feet and making it come to life. I am really enjoying the challenge that Gamache is bringing. He's a lot older than I am, with grey hair and a moustache. Oops.

I am drawing to a close this adventure in Canada with some regret and with great relief. The relief is all about family. I miss them terribly. 5-6 weeks away from home is never a good idea, & this has been tough. However, the work has been great fun & I certainly hope to have another crack at Gamache. It is so different from playing Lynley. I would never say one was more exiting to play that the other. In fact, that kind of applies to all parts. Every new part is a challenge. Interestingly the first question I got asked about on CBC News the other day was, "How is it different form playing Lynley?"  Please go to this link to see/hear my response.  There is no comparison.


I did a wee bit more ADR today on the show and I have to say there are some wonderfully funny bits in it.  Both Serena & Beryl, our producers were there and Neil & Sarah and, of course, Nick Hurran.  I have to say what a huge fan of Nick's I have become.  He directed A Class Apart some years ago, & I know it wasn't his easiest experience, but as you know I think this is terrific, & he also directed the fantastic Dr Who series opener last week.  I caught up with it on I-player.

Now there's a show. Just about everyone I have ever met who has anything to do with that show, from Stephen Moffatt to the props boys all love it. It's hard work, but they do have one of the best shows around. Long may it continue. That, Sherlock & now Me & Mrs Jones put Hartswood at the top of the independent tree.    

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