First of all, please let me re-iterate to all doubters. This is me writing this. NO-ONE else writes these posts, so please DO NOT take any other version of the truth. Let's be honest, if someone else wrote these messages they would be a lot better written and a lot more frequent. It is me, END OF STORY!

Right now to the news. I am to play another Inspector. Very differnet character. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is a French Canadian based just outside of Montreal. He first appears in book form in Still Life, by Louise Penny. There are 8 books so far and I hope the plan is to do all of them, because he is an interesting character. I'll be off to Canada in the near future to film this. I can't wait.  

Still feeling the after effects of the race the other day. Stiff back and aching ego, otherwise grand. 

Good Luck and Love to all    Nat

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